The Wherehouse?

The Where house?, a totally revamped former industrial property, located on the edge of the famous Holyoke canal system, offers three com­plete floors dedicated to private banquet and function service within a setting that is unmatched any­where else in the world.

All floors of The Wherehouse? are decorated with memorabilia from a private collection that depicts an age gone by. An authentic horse-drawn sleigh as well as a carriage have been adapted to serve as an hors d'oeuvre bar. The railing at one of the cocktail bars is cleverly fashioned from an actual railroad track while the walls are covered with a mosaic of real manhole covers.

In one corner, you'll find the old witness chair from a courthouse long gone. Then there is a tick­et pulverizor from a local movie theatre, and the complete switchboard section from the local tele­phone company circa 1925. Also, there is the front section of an Air Force C-123 cargo aircraft that is attached to the wall (you can climb in and pretend to fly again, but of course it won't go any­where). The huge weathervane outside the build­ing is that of a Piper Cherokee the owner totaled when he had to crash land in the woods ... another testimony to the uniqueness of this novel place.

The ceilings hold everything you can imagine including conveyors, tools, brassware. There's a real English Revolutionary cannon in one corner and the tower bell from a long ago razed fire sta­tion that can still be rung simply by pulling the rope to the tower ... and as often as you want. There's the old hand crank gasoline pump and it goes on and on. There is nothing else like it any­where in the world. The Wherehouse? is truly a unique setting for functions and conferences.