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 The Wherehouse? Seating

                                                                     General Conditions


We require a non-refundable deposit of $500.00 upon booking your event. The deposit will be credited towards your final payment. Full payment must be received seven day's prior to the date of your event. The-Wherehouse reserves the right to cancel any event that is not paid for in full seven day's prior to the event.


Brud's Room- 50 people

Main Dining Room- 150 people

Emerald Room- 300


Standard linen is included in all event packages

$10.00 per person- Floor length table linen, napkin color of your choice, chair covers & sashes

$15.00 per person- Floor length table linen, napkin color of your choice, chair covers & sashes, and a seasonal floral centerpiece for each table.


Smoking is NOT permitted in the building. Decorations or displays brought into the facility must be in accordance with the local fire department regulations and approved prior to arrival by the banquet manager. The Wherehouse does not permit the affixing of items to walls, floors, light fixtures or ceilings in any area of the facility with nails, staples, tape, or other material except as approved by the banquet manager. The use of confetti, glitter, smoke and bubble machines is prohibited. Clients will have one hour to decorate for their event anything beyond one hour will consist of a $50.00 fee per additional hour. Clients are responsible for picking up their decorations or anything left from the event the next week. Due to market fluctuation of raw materials, we cannot guarantee prices for more than 90 day's in advance to you function.


The Wherehouse is not responsible for loss or damages to any merchandise/articles brought onto the premises. The Wherehouse reserves the right to charge for any damages to the facilities property caused by client or guest.

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