About Us

If you're looking for somewhere completely different
for that important banquet, conference, or wedding function, look no further than The Wherehouse?.

The Wherehouse? offers full dining facilities for any occasion. Our expert chefs will serve all your culinary needs. But that's just the beginning!

The Wherehouse? is a revamped former mill beside the historic Holyoke canal system. We offer three floors dedicated to private banquet/ function service in a truly unique setting. Wherever you look, The Wherehouse? surprises you.

All floors of The Wherehouse? are decorated with memorabilia that depicts an age gone by. A horse-drawn sleigh and a carriage serve as hors d'oeuvre bars. The railing at one end of the cocktail bar is fashioned from an actual railroad track, and real manhole covers hang on the walls. We have the witness chair from a courthouse, the ticket pulverizor from a local movie theater, and the switchboard from a 1920's telephone office. The cockpit of an Air Force C-123 cargo aircraft is attached to one wall - you can climb in and pretend to fly! Our huge weathervane is made from a Piper Cherokee airplane our owner once crash-landed. The ceilings are festooned with conveyors, tools, and brassware. There's a hand-cranked gas pump and a British cannon from the Revolutionary War. You can ring the bell from a long-gone fire station by pulling the rope into our own bell tower. These are just some of the details of this remarkable place.

The Wherehouse? Holyoke, Massachusetts
Hor D'oeuvres on antique sleigh
The Wherehouse? Dining Room

The Wherehouse? is handicapped accessible.

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